How do I set tiered rates based on number of attendees?

We understand that many hosts have variations to their hourly base rate. With the attendee pricing feature, you can set tiered rates based on number of attendees. Each tier you set will include an additional hourly fee added to your base rate.

Once you set attendee tiers, guests will see them in a drop-down menu during checkout on your listing page. When they input their attendee count on the fee calculator, the hourly rate will update accordingly (if necessary). 

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your Listings tab
  • Select “Edit Price”
  • Select “Add Attendee Tier”
  • Input the attendee range and rate details 
  • Click “Save”

If a guest inputs booking details that overlap with a variable rate (i.e. a pricing variation based on time of day or day of week) and attendee tier, the base rate will first be determined by the variable rate. The additional charge associated with the attendee tier is then added on. 

Remember, the key to turning inquiries into bookings is transparent pricing. If you plan to use attendee pricing, set your base rate and capacity according to what books most frequently and list your attendee tiers in the About the Space section of your listing. Setting multiple attendee tiers can hurt conversion and performance on Peerspace.

At Peerspace, we seek to facilitate a smooth booking experience for all parties. Therefore, using this feature to mislead and significantly upcharge guests may result in removal of your account. 

For any one-off changes to the space rental subtotal, use Custom Offer to adjust your hourly base rate.

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