How do I charge a cleaning fee when guests book my space?

As a host, you are responsible for cleaning your space after each booking and preparing it for future use. Guests are encouraged to tidy up and be respectful of your space and personal belongings during the booking, but understand that they are not responsible for basic upkeep and removal of trash.

Many hosts include their cleaning costs in their hourly rate because they know that guests prefer a single, all-inclusive price. Other hosts have chosen to take advantage of Peerspace’s Cleaning Fee pricing. You have the option to set a flat cleaning fee (separate from your hourly rate) that will be automatically added to every booking. Cleaning fees are intended to help you account for extra costs required to prepare your space for your next booking.

How to set your cleaning fee:

  • Click the “Listings” tab in the navigation bar
  • Select “Edit” for each listing you’d like to update
  • Find the “Cleaning fee” section
  • To charge guests for cleaning, select “Additional flat fee” and enter the amount you want to charge
  • Click “Update” and then “Done editing”

Future guests will see the cleaning fee on your listing and when they submit their booking request. The fee will be applied to all requests moving forward.


Cleaning Fee Commonly Asked Questions: 

Does Peerspace collect a fee for cleaning?

Many hosts include their cleaning costs in their hourly rate because they know that guests prefer a single, all-inclusive price. Peerspace’s service fee (15%) will be applied to the total cost of the booking whether you include cleaning costs in your hourly rate or charge for them separately.

Do I need to update my Host Rules around cleanup?

While cleaning is your responsibility, guests are required to treat the space they book with respect. Guests who don’t treat spaces with care will be removed from the community. Be sure to include clear Host Rules around access, permitted activities, and other important day-of procedures. However, requirements related to cleaning and removing trash from the space should not be included in this section of your listings and cannot be a requirement for booking your space.

Can my cleaning fee vary by activity?

If your cleaning costs fluctuate depending on the type of activity (Offsite, Event or Production), you can set a unique fee for each of your listings. If your cleaning costs are dependent on other factors, such as number of attendees, we suggest picking the fee that is most common. We find that simplicity in pricing allows hosts to close more bookings with less effort.  

Are cleaning fees collected per booking or per day of use?

Guests will be charged your cleaning fee on top of the total cost to book your space, regardless of the duration of the booking.

Can I charge a cleaning fee on a case-by-case basis?

Yes, hosts can add, adjust, or waive a cleaning fee for individual bookings using Custom Offer; however, hosts should set a standard cleaning fee for each listing (separately or included in your base rate) and detail any variations to the fee directly in your listing. Hosts should not charge a cleaning fee as an add-on.

Is the Cleaning Fee refundable to guests if there is a cancellation?

Cleaning fees are always refunded if guests cancel a booking and do not use the space. For more information about our cancellation policies, read here.Is the Cleaning Fee refundable to guests if there is a cancellation?

Cleanup or Damages? A handy reference guide.

Example Cleanup? Damages? Notes
Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming & trash removal Yes   No While guests are required to treat your space with care and tidying up is appreciated, they are not required to do their own housekeeping. Hosts should plan accordingly and adjust their cleaning fee if necessary.
Collecting dishes, silverware & other provided host amenities  Yes  No Guests should make efforts to return borrowed items to where they were found in the space and to collect dishes and utensils in sinks or dishwashers. They are not formally required to do so. Please factor this into your cleaning costs.
Wall scuffs or furniture stains  No  Yes Any cleanup beyond normal wear and tear may be considered damage to your space. It is the guest’s responsibility to return your space to the condition it was in prior to the booking, with the exception of normal cleanup. If your space cannot be restored through your cleaning responsibility, you may be entitled to recuperate damage costs from the guest through our dispute resolution process. 
Furniture or space re-arrangement  No  No It is the guest’s responsibility to restore the layout of the space following a booking and their “tear-down” time must be included in the time reserved for the booking. Please be sure to communicate your rules surrounding furniture arrangement to your guests and be sure they book enough time in your space.


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