How do I make a stronger Production listing?

When listing your space under multiple categories (Event, Offsite and Production), you should take the time to tailor each listing's content to the activity it is under. The Production category is focused around creative activities like film and photo shoots.

Tailoring your listing will help guests visualize how they can use your space for the specific type of activity they’re planning. By providing answers to their most common questions upfront, you’ll make it easier to book your space.

To simplify the tailoring process, our team put together a list of the most common questions asked by guests browsing for production locations, as well as sample Production listings for some inspiration. Use this as a guide and you’ll be on your way to accepting more qualified bookings.

About the Space

Try structuring your listing’s description with sub-headers and answering a few of these common questions.


  • What is the layout of the space?
  • What is the surrounding area like?
  • Which types of productions is the space set up for (photo, film, sound, etc.)?


  • Are all areas of the space accessible for production purposes (including the exterior)?
  • What are the power capabilities of the space?
  • Will there be an on-site manager present during the booking?
  • What are the parking and load-in/load-out options?


  • What is the natural light like in the space (exposure, number of windows, etc.)?
  • How many bathrooms does your space have?
  • Which additional areas will guests have access to, if any?
  • Are there interesting facts about your space, the building, or its history?

Read more on the About the Space section here

Host Rules

  • What are the day-of procedures?
  • Are there restrictions on what can be brought into the space?
  • Are there restrictions on any activities that can happen in the space?
  • Are there restrictions on which areas guests can access?
  • Can furniture or equipment be used or moved?
  • Are any special permits or insurance required?

Remember, Peerspace policy governs cancellations, overtimepayment processing (which prohibits partial deposits) and dispute resolution. Read more on Host Rules here.

Check out these live examples of successful Production listings to inspire you.


Need help making improvements to your Production listing? Please review this step-by-step walkthrough and reach out if you have any questions.

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