How do I make a stronger Production listing?

What is a Production listing?

The Production category is focused around creative activities and shoots, such as editorial, publishing, advertising, and/or film and television. These spaces range from stylish residences or businesses to fully equipped photography studios.



What are Production guests looking for?

Guests typically check off details relevant to their specific production use. Availability and price are important factors in qualifying a space, while other items attracting clients statistically fall under one of these subheaders.

  • Space Type + Features
  • Additional Services + Rentals
  • Convenience specific to Production

Take the time to tailor your details and structure your listing to make it easier to pinpoint these elements. These easy to locate essentials will highlight the efficiency of working in your space and alleviate any possible blockers from a guest sending you an inquiry.


Availability + Any Specialty Pricing

Add the days and times your space is available above your brief description of the space. We recommend to provide the minimum rental price, if above $2,500+, to attract more qualified leads, as well as any flexible pricing relative of days/hours chosen. (e.g. weekdays, weekends, half/full day rates) 

Available 7-days a week | 8am-6pm
$2,500 - $3,000 rental minimum dependent upon use (10-hrs)

This listing is for All Access (Private)
Includes 3x still life bays and 1x main cyc
$2,500 – Photo (10-hrs)
$2,800 – Video (10-hrs)
$3,000 – Weekend Rate (10-hrs) 



Are there interesting facts about your space, the building, or its history? Read more on the About The Space here. An example may look like this.

"Our 4,200 ft² premier loft space is perfect for runway shows, photography shoots, video shoots, music videos, and more. Featuring stunning end-to-end south facing windows, our open space features exquisite daylight capabilities. Our expansive space can be transformed into a beautiful production location/staging area.

Our Past Clients
We have supported hundreds of editorial and commercial shoots ranging from clients such as Estee Lauder, Uniqlo, Converse, DKNY, Casper, and many more."


Space Features (Subheader #1)

Create a checklist providing your space type, square footage (ft²), any onsite staff, backdrops, equipment, lighting, areas of use. You may find studio references here. An example may look like this.

Photo Studio w/ Designed-Sets
470 ft² studio space
15’ High Ceilings
Natural Light (best 10AM-6PM)
Exposed brick
Industrial steel beams
Elevator, ramp for wheelchair access

--- Included complimentary items ---
8x C-Stand 40″ Complete
8x Sandbags
4x Apple Box – Full
4x Clothing Racks
1x Steamer


Additional Services + Rentals (Subheader #2)

If you have additional equipment and/or services you’d like to offer for an additional cost, we recommend to list them under this subheader. Provide equipment lists and pricing in the photography section of the listing if applicable. An example may look like this.

Onsite camera, grip, and lighting equipment rentals available ($)
Riggers are available for a low day rate ($)
Speed rail infrastructure ($)
Catering with prior arrangements ($)


---In House Photo / Video Equipment List ($)---
In House Equipment rates are priced a la carte, however, we do have in house equipment packages available starting at $350/day. Please find our In House EQ List in the photography section of our listing.


Convenience (Subheader #3)

Productions are looking for details around parking, load-in/load-out, elevator access if not on ground level, noise factors, and power capabilities. You may list these in this area. *(A list of common questions relative to shoots is provided at the bottom for your convenience).


Rules Section

Please remember to flush out the Rules Section in your listing. *(A list of common access questions is provided at the bottom for your convenience).


References and Inspiration

Explore these live production studios and homes for production using subheaders to inspire you.


How do I make edits to my listings?

If you need guidance on making improvements to your Production listing, please review this step-by-step walkthrough and reach out if you have any questions.


*(Below are the details that may be on a production guest's checklist)


  • Space Type or Design Type (Very Important)
  • Square footage (ft²)
  • On-site manager (if provided during the booking)
  • List the backdrops included (e.g. Green, White Cyc)
  • List type of lighting included (e.g. Video lights, natural light)
  • List breakout areas included (e.g. Makeup station, Wardrobe area, Staging)
  • List the Wifi speed

 CONVENIENCE (Production specific details)

  • Ground floor or elevator/stair access?
  • Can you record clean dialogue?
  • What is noise in the surrounding area like?
  • How many outlets are available? Where are they?
  • What are the details around dedicated space available for hair & makeup?
  • What is the natural light like (exposure, # of windows)?
  • Are all interior areas of the space accessible for production purposes?
  • Are exterior areas of the space accessible for production purposes?
  • What are the power capabilities like in the space?

 RULES SECTION (different than About The Space section)

  • What are the day-of procedures?
  • Are there any parking areas or restrictions?
  • Are there any load in or load out instructions?
  • Are trailers allowed?
  • Are there restrictions on what can be brought into the space?
  • Are there restrictions on any activities that can happen in the space?
  • Are there restrictions on which areas guests can access?
  • Are there any noise restrictions?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is child-talent allowed?
  • Is a generator allowed?
  • Are drones allowed?
  • Can furniture, wall art or equipment be used or moved?
  • Are any special permits or insurance required?

Remember, Peerspace policy governs cancellations, overtime, payment processing (which prohibits partial deposits) and dispute resolution. Read more on Host Rules here.

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