How should I price my space?

The key to turning inquiries into bookings on Peerspace is transparent and all-inclusive hourly pricing. Our guests have told us that the reason they prefer Peerspace is because they understand upfront what is included with the space and the total amount it will cost–– no hidden fees, no negotiating, and no-hassle bookings. Hosts who make booking their space simple via accurate pricing earn the most on Peerspace.

Pricing requirements for your listing(s):

  • Clear summary of all amenities that come with the space
  • Minimum number of hours required to book
  • All costs required to book are included in your hourly rate

When reviewing your listings, take a second look at your pricing and ensure you have worked in costs for any amenities or staffing that is required to book your space. For example, if you want to add a $100 mandatory cleaning fee and you have a 5 hour minimum, you would add $20 to your hourly rate. You should then highlight that cleaning services is included in your About the Space section.

We understand that Peerspace’s unique way of pricing is a bit different than what you may be used to. Remember that when a guest is comparing your space to others on the marketplace, they will book the space with accurate, up-front pricing. Next, we’ll highlight commonly asked questions about pricing from hosts. 

What amenities should I include in my listing's rate?

Event listings - We suggest including a cleaning fee for all events, which should be factored into the listed rate. If you require a staff member to be present, include it as well and mention it in your Host Rules.

Offsite listings - Offsites generally have the least impact on the space, but if a small cleaning fee is required, it should also be part of the hourly rate.  Guests will expect basic A/V to be available, covered in your listing's amenities section and included in the rate.

Production listings - We recommend creating a basic production equipment package to make available for all of these types of bookings at your listed rate, and then detailing other equipment or services that can be rented through you at an additional cost in your listing's description.    

How do I charge extra for add-on amenities?

The Amenities section should only highlight items that are included within your hourly rate. If you would like to offer amenities that aren’t required to book the space, make a short list in your About the Space section that includes the costs for each amenity. If a guest requests to book your space and wishes to add on optional amenities, just email our Support team and we'll process those charges on your behalf.

Can I have multiple hourly rates?

You should choose the most commonly booked rate to be listed as the hourly rate for the listing. If that varies, select the higher rate so you can focus on accommodating the most qualified leads. Then, include a small note in the About the Space section that lists any weekend rates, discounts, flat rates, etc.


Our listing's hourly rate applies to our regular business hours. Depending on your inquiry, you may be charged at one of the rates below.

  • Weekend rate: $200/hour
  • Full-day rate: $800
  • Non-profit rate: $75/hour

How do I charge a guest when we agree on a special rate?

Please have the guest fill out this form:

Once a custom booking request is received, our team will confirm payment with the guest and create the booking request for you to review and accept.

Please keep in mind Peerspace's standard 15% service fee for hosts and 5% processing fee for guests when quoting a special price.


Finally, our most successful hosts start with lower rates to generate interest and quickly get their first booking. As their popularity grows, they are able to zero in on the price that maximizes the value of their space.

For additional questions regarding your specific space and recommended pricing, please email our Host Success team. We are more than happy to help.

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