Instant Book Guidelines

Guests can receive immediate booking confirmation if a space is designated as Instant Book so long as the event start time is at least 24 hours away. In certain cases, a host may request to cancel or modify an Instant Booking for reasons outlined below:

Excused host cancellations:

  • The booked activity is not allowed in the space
  • The guest has several unfavorable reviews that warrant concern
  • The guest does not answer important questions concerning the activity in a timely manner over Peerspace messaging
  • The guest’s communications indicate their planned activity will violate the Host Rules

Excused host modifications:

  • The activity description requires an adjustment to the cleaning fee
  • The date booked has a special hourly rate which requires adjustment
  • The number of attendees requires an adjustment to the subtotal or cleaning fee
  • The host and guest have communicated and agreed to a modification to the booking details

Instant Book cancellation or modification requests occurring beyond the reasons provided above are unexcused and may result in penalties to the host account and/or refunding of the booking cost to the guest.

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