What can hosts charge for?

Hosts can choose to add additional services for a guest inquiring or requesting to book their space. Many hosts market their additional services, along with the approximate price, in the About the Space section of their listings. 

All items detailed in the Amenities section of a listing are considered included in the space rental (the base rate price) and cannot be charged as add-ons. Additionally, hosts are expected to detail any required costs associated with booking their space in the About the Space section.

To understand what hosts can and can’t charge for, we put together the following guide:

Item Add-on? Amenity? Notes
HVAC        xmark.jpg        checkmark.jpg Utilities, such as heating, air conditioning, and restrooms, are considered basic amenities. As such, hosts are expected to provide these items at no additional cost. Learn more.
Basic Cleaning       xmark.jpg        checkmark.jpg Hosts are responsible for cleaning after each booking. If the fee varies or requires cleaning on consecutive days of a multi-day booking, the host should detail this in their listing and use Custom Offer to adjust the subtotal or cleaning fee. Learn more.
Security Deposit       xmark.jpg         xmark.jpg If a security deposit is required to book the space, hosts should detail the amount and method of collection in their listing. Security deposits are processed outside of Peerspace and cannot be charged as an add-on. Learn more.
Site rep fee      checkmark.jpg         xmark.jpg Hosts can use the add-on feature to collect payment for any site-visits made prior to a booking; however, this should be communicated to guests upfront. Learn more.
Rental Equipment      checkmark.jpg         xmark.jpg Hosts can use the add-on feature to charge guests for use of rental equipment they may have on site, such as AV or furniture. Typically, these items are advertised in the About the Space section of a listing.

Some additional services, such as the sale of alcohol or catering, may require proof of licensing from the host. It may be illegal for a host to offer services which they are not licensed to sell as part of a booking and Peerspace may prohibit continued use of the platform for hosts that are not in compliance with local laws, authorities, or landowners.

Important: Guests expect access to the space and amenities highlighted in the content of hosts’ listings, including photographs. Add-ons are intended to allow hosts flexibility to sell premium amenity upgrades. They are not meant to be an itemized upcharging for basic amenities that allow the guest to enjoy the space. Inconsistencies here may result in refundable guest cancellations or other penalties on a host’s account. If a host is adding fees that are not outlined in their listing, please let us know.

Peerspace’s standard guest and host fees apply. Make sure you are familiar with our cancellation policy and payment process.

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