Safety Tips for Guests

Find the right space for your event 

As a guest, it’s important to thoroughly read all listing information before requesting to book a space. Make sure you understand the host’s expectations by reviewing the rules, description, and included amenities. When a host accepts a booking request, you contractually agree to Peerspace’s booking policies and all content detailed in the host’s listing.


Read past reviews

We encourage all users to leave a review about their experience. Take time to read reviews from past guests about the spaces you’re interested in booking. Reviews are a great way to find out if the space is the right fit for your activity. After your event, write an honest review about your experience. The best reviews meet our content guidelines and provide constructive feedback that benefits the entire Peerspace community.


Be transparent

Tell hosts who you are and what you’re planning to do at their space. By being thorough and upfront, hosts will be able to provide the answers you need and accept your booking request sooner. Share all of your event details with the host, especially if you’re planning on having food, alcohol, or live music. If you intend on having a public event, get all your questions answered regarding event insurance or proper permits upfront. Events that are misrepresented may be canceled at Peerspace’s discretion without a refund. 


Communicate and pay through the Peerspace platform

Utilize the Peerspace platform to the fullest extent. All communications and transactions related to your booking, such as logistical questions and overtime payments, must remain on Peerspace. Messaging and paying through the platform is the only way to be protected under our Terms and Conditions, secure payment process, Cancellation & Refund policy, and fraud safeguards.


Do a walk-through with your host

Take pre and post-booking photos or videos of the space together. If there are damages to the space or an amenity isn’t working, let your host know right away. During the walk-through, ask your host to clarify and point out any surveillance cameras on the premises. Be mindful and respectful of your (and your guests’) treatment of the space throughout the booking. Remember that by booking through Peerspace, you agree to fully cover any damages that you or your invitees cause. 


Be mindful of restrictions

Pay close attention to age restrictions for spaces.If alcohol is being served during your booking, you will be prompted to submit secondary verification to confirm you’re 21 years of age. Peerspace does not condone underage drinking and any users who violate this rule will have their accounts suspended indefinitely. 


If a host ever makes you feel uncomfortable during a booking or the space you rent does not meet expectations, please let us know by emailing 


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