How do I set rates for specific days of the week or times of day?

We understand that many hosts have variations to their hourly base rate. With the calendar pricing feature, you can set rates for specific days of the week and times of day. Common calendar rates include a discounted weekday rate or weekend rate after 5pm.

Once you set your calendar rates, guests will see them during checkout on your listing when inputting the start and end time of their booking. If a guest uses the availability filter to search for your space, the associated variable rate will display on your listing in search results as well. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your Listings tab
  • Select “Edit Price”
  • Select "Add Calendar Rate"
  • Add the name and rate details 
  • Select the days and times this rate should apply
  • Click “Save”

If guests input a booking start and end time that overlap with two different rates you’ve set, the rate they will pay will be rounded up to the nearest full dollar.

Remember, the key to turning inquiries into bookings is transparent pricing. Variable rates that are much higher than your base rate can hurt conversion and performance on Peerspace.

At Peerspace, we seek to facilitate a smooth booking experience for all parties. Therefore, using this feature to mislead and significantly upcharge guests may result in removal of your account. 

For any one-off changes to the space rental subtotal, use Custom Offer to adjust your hourly base rate.

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