How do I make a stronger Event listing?

What is an Event listing?

The Event category covers a range of social and professional events, from baby showers and cocktail parties to networking events and product launches. These spaces range from stylish residences, small business lofts, and art galleries to fully equipped event halls.



What are Event guests looking for?

Guests typically check off details relevant to their specific event use. Availability and price are important factors in qualifying a space, while other items attracting clients fall under one of these subheaders.

  • Space Type + Features
  • Additional Services + Rentals
  • Convenience specific to Production

Take the time to tailor your details and structure your listing to make it easier to pinpoint these elements. These easy to locate essentials will highlight the ease of gathering in your space and alleviate any possible blockers from a guest sending you an inquiry.


Availability + Any Specialty Pricing

Add the days and times your space is available above your brief description of the space. We recommend providing the minimum rental price if above $2,500 to attract more qualified leads, as well as any flexible pricing (e.g. weekdays, weekend rates)

Available 7-days a week | 6AM-*2AM
(Rooftop closes @ 10PM)
$5,000 Venue Rental Minimum (Featured rate through November 31, 2018)

*Please review our standard rates for August - December in the below rate section.
*Please message host with date, times, attendees, and additional services needed.



Are there interesting facts about your space, the building, or its history? Read more on the “About The Space” section here. An example may look like this.

“This listing is for our eclectic gallery space equipped with an expandable DMX control lighting system and state-of-the-art AV equipment, and the theater area.

Defining a fresh pop-up, a disco, fashion show, or a Las Vegas-style casino experience are only some of our past events. Modern amenities in the gallery are thoughtfully blended into the historical elements of the building’s lower level: raw, board-formed concrete walls, unfinished Douglas fir support structure and polished concrete floors. Convenient load-in and load-out is provided through a large roll-up door accessing the alley. The gallery comes with its own fully equipped prep kitchen and an additional adjacent theater by a retractable wall to easily create a single, light-filled 4,200+ ft² eclectic event space.”


Space Features (Subheader #1)

Create a checklist providing your space type, square footage (ft²), any on-site staff included, seating accommodations and capacity, A/V equipment, and the areas of use. Add the amenities that are included in your hourly rate under space features. Be sure to breakdown relevant details, such as the number of chairs and tables you provide. You may find event references here.  An example may look like this.

Gallery + Theater
4,200+ ft² event space
Event Manager / Day of Facilitator
216 Seated | 251 Standing
Ceilings: 12'8"" to lid | 11'0" to beam
Audio visuals (breakdown below)
Whole-building sound
Wireless speakers + mic ($)
Customizable lighting
2 Rolling bars, 1 fixed bar, 1 lectern
Multi-stall restrooms
Prep kitchen

*Set-up Consultation with Site A/V Tech
1 Retractable Screens, 1 Projectors, 12 Color LED Wall Washes

4 Stainless Steel Rolling Tables, 1 Convection Oven, 2 Metro Shelves, 1 Double-door reach-in refrigerator

60” Round Tables (36)
30” High/Low Cocktail Tables (20)
6' Banquet Tables (10)
2 white leather benches
Trash Cans (9)
2 Wireless Microphones
1 Podium

NOTE: Optional amenities not included in your rate may also be listed with a ($) next to it. These items can then be added under Additional Rentals with pricing provided.


Additional Services + Rentals (Subheader #2)

If you have additional equipment and/or services you’d like to offer for an additional cost, we recommend listing them here. Provide equipment lists and pricing in the photography section of the listing if applicable. An example may look like this.

Wireless speakers + mic rentals available ($250, 4-hrs use)
Catering with prior arrangements ($ upon request)


Although we do not offer on-site catering, we do require using one of our preferred catering partners. Please discuss further options with the host, such as food trucks, etc. You are also welcome to work with the Peerspace Concierge Team.

For additional services such as banquet tables and chairs, a photo booth, a stage, and/or drop-off catering, we recommend contacting


Convenience (Subheader #3)

Event guests are looking for details around transportation, parking (street, garage close by), and elevator access if not on the ground level. You may list these in this area. *(A list of common questions relative to events is provided at the bottom for your convenience).

Host Tip: Adding a parking resource is very helpful from a guest perspective. Try recommending


Rules Section

Please remember to flesh out the Rules Section in your listing. An example may look like this:

*Beverages: Preferred vendors list available. License required.
*Food: Preferred vendors list available.
*Outside food and/or catering is allowed with prior approval.

A cleaning fee is included in all full-day rentals. An additional fee will apply for excessive trash removal at Host's discretion. Guests are encouraged to take all trash upon end of booking to avoid this fee.

Please coordinate with the facility manager for any and all drop offs and pickups for DAY OF event. An additional fee may apply for any load-in and load-out outside of date of the booking.

*No smoking.
*No pets.
*No nails, screws, staples, tape or gummed backed materials may be used to attach or affix anything to the furniture, walls, or building.
*No glitter or confetti of any kind is allowed on site.
*No sparklers, Roman candles, or fire producing gags or effects.
*No face painting, hand paints, stains, or other similar activity allowed.

INSURANCE: Additional Event Insurance is required and may be obtained through Please list the host as additional insured.

DOOR MANAGEMENT: High-traffic Events (ie: large groups or rentals with multiple people cycling in and out during the evening) will require someone from the Guest's team to help manage building access.

EARLY DROP OFFS & LATE PICKUPS: Early drop offs of equipment outside normal booking hours may require an additional fee per scheduled appointment.

IMPORTANT: Please consider your setup and teardown needs for the evening and factor time into your booking accordingly. Thank you.


References and Inspiration

Explore these live 100+ attendees venues using subheaders to inspire you.


How do I make edits to my listings?

If you need guidance on making improvements to your Event listing, please review this step-by-step walkthrough and reach out if you have any questions.


*(Below are details that may be on an event guest checklist)


Space Features

  • Space Type or Design Type
  • Square footage (ft²)
  • Event manager (if provided during the booking)
  • Total seating | Total standing
  • Seating setups and capacities (banquet, cocktail, theater, etc.)
  • List your included audio/visuals (e.g. Projector, Screen, Mic, Speakers, Stage)
  • What A/V capabilities does the space have for guests to stream or present?
  • What is the WiFi speed?
  • What are the included areas a guest can use?
  • How many bathrooms does your space have?
  • Is the space quiet and/or private?
  • What unique features does your space have that set it apart from other event spaces? (e.g. Exposed brick, 18’ Ceilings, Lavish wallpaper, Local Artwork)

Additional Services + Rentals

  • Are there any optional services you can provide (such as catering, equipment, A/V technicians, security, or any/all staff)?


  • Ground floor or elevator/stair access?
  • Is there street parking available?
  • Are there parking garages close by?
  • What is the closest transportation to your location?

Rules Section (different than About The Space section)

  • What are the day-of procedures?
  • Are there any load in or load out instructions?
  • Do you require in-house catering? Is there a minimum requirement?
  • Is outside catering allowed?
  • Can we bring in our own food/beverage?
  • Do you require in-house bar services? Is there a minimum requirement?
  • Are outside bar services allowed? Licensed?
  • Can we bring in our own alcohol?
  • Are there restrictions on what can be brought into the space?
  • Are there restrictions on which areas guests can access?
  • Are there any noise restrictions?
  • Are bands/music allowed? Cut-off time?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Can furniture, wall art or equipment be used or moved?
  • Are any special permits or insurance required?
  • Are there any additional costs or instructions on trash, staff, etc.


Do you require a food and beverage minimum? If you have restrictions on outside food or beverage or require guests meet a certain minimum when booking your space, use our food and bar tab pricing tool to offer your services through your Event listing. You may explore a few references here. If you don't require a minimum but have more than one rate, make sure to properly list your special rate(s) and book guests with the custom offer feature.

Remember, Peerspace policy governs cancellationsovertimepayment processing (which prohibits partial deposits) and dispute resolution. Read more on Host Rules here.

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